A ti, que no eres un rey mago pero eres capaz de hacer felices a los niños que tienes alrededor todos los días del año. Que no eres su familia pero te preocupas más que algunos de ellos. Que amas lo que haces sin importarte la época del año, tiempo o acontecimiento personal...
Que sigas teniendo al menos la misma fuerza y energía para seguir haciendo felices a los que te rodean. Porque ser educador es mucho más que una profesión: es una actitud y una forma de vida.

martes, 18 de marzo de 2014


This play outline is an adaptation of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” fairy tale I have written for my 1st Graders. 
Hope you enjoy it!

Level 1 (1st Grade of Primary Education).

The theme of the story is to do what it takes to overcome obstacles in our way.

Kass – little cow.
Dallin – middle cow.
Reed – big cow.
Ramstein – hobgoblin.

It is a story about a hobgoblin that lived under a bridge and used to try to gobble up anyone who went over his bridge.

Three cows who are friends live in a farm placed in a field with large trees. A river runs through the field. There is a bridge to take you across the river and it is inhabited by an evil hobgoblin.
One day, the three cows are sad and very hungry because they have eaten all the grass in their field and they have nothing to eat. So, they decide to cross the bridge to eat a fine meadow full of grass where they could eat and get fat on the other side of the field.
Surprisingly on their way, they find that a hobgoblin doesn´t want them to cross his bridge for food, and if they try, he will eat them. Then, the three hungry cows decide to work together to charge at the hobgoblin. As he is across, each brave cow tricks him by promising that if he let them cross the bridge he could eat the next cow which is ever bigger. The hobgoblin is greedy so he waits for the next ones.
Finally, the biggest strongest cow pushes the hobgoblin into the water and they all get across the bridge safely.

Narrator. Explains the story after it has happened and helps the pupils know when to move, where to go and what to say.
Ramstein. He is a hairy hobgoblin who lives under the bridge and doesn´t want anyone on it. He is not very smart because the three cows manage to trick him.
Kass. It is a little and melodramatic cow. It is the first one to cross the bridge.
Dallin. It is a middle and enthusiastic cow. It is the second one to get safely across the bridge.
Reed. It is a big and strict cow. It tosses the hobgoblin into the water and makes the bridge safe to cross forever.

Scene 1
The sun shines on a pretty farm. Kass, Dallin and Reed wander around the field. There is very little grass on it. They look hungry and unhappy.

Scene 2
Kass, Dallin and Reed set off up the field together. They are on their way to a lush green meadow on the other side of a stone bridge. Ramstein appears in scene as he hears strange noises.

Scene 3
Near the stone bridge, Kass, Dallin and Reed look at Ramstein. They are threatened by him. But they are very hungry and think up their plan.

Scene 4
Kass convinces Ramstein that it is too small to eat and that its friends will be along soon and they are bigger and tastier. Kass starts to cross the bridge timidly and goes to the meadow to eat the green grass. Ramstein comes back under the bridge.

Scene 5
A little later, Dallin comes and goes its hooves on the bridge. Ramstein hears the sound of Dallin walking over his bridge and comes to gobble it up. Dallin convinces Ramstein again using the same technique as Kass and he begins to rumble. Kass skips over the bridge quickly and gets into the meadow to eat the beautiful green grass. Ramstein comes back under the bridge.

Scene 6
Then up comes Reed and walks on the bridge. It is so heavy that the bridge creaks. Ramstein appears to gobble Reed up. Reed stamps its feet louder and louder. It stomps to Ramstein, bends his head down and buttes him. Ramstein falls off the bridge and into the water with a great big splash. Reed crosses over the bridge to join its friends and Ramstein will never bother them again.

Scene 7
In the meadow, Kass, Dallin and Reed eat and eat and get so fat that they could hardly walk home again. They are probably there yet. 
                                                                        THE END.

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